About us

Hi, we are Marina and Sergii, travelers from Kyiv, Ukraine. We have visited over 75 countries on 6 continents, did 19-months round the world trip, and continue our travels even in the time of covid-19 pandemics.

More and more countries we visit, the more difficult it becomes to plan our next destination.


We have to search at the many websites where we can go on vacation, what is the best season for visiting the top destinations, and how to get there cheaper.

And then we combine this info and finally decide where to go.

After spending so much time on travel planning, we decided to create KudaKogda - it is a tool that combines 3 dimensions in one place: locations, seasons, and flight tickets prices. Plus, activities like beaches, hiking, skiing, etc.

This significantly reduces the travel planning time, especially the destination selection - from hours and days to minutes!

Data Sources

Here are the data sources we used:

  • Handpicked 600+ top travel destinations around the world based on our own experience and the Lonely Planet guidebooks

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) for the weather and climate information

  • Professional websites for the activities information (padi.com, skiresort.info, walkopedia.net)

  • Kiwi.com for the flights pricing and duration information