Where to go for a vacation in April 2021?

Monastery of the Dervishes, Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We continue our series of posts with ideas regarding where to go in 2021.

Which country to go to in April, we choose based on the following criteria:

  • the weather in April,
  • restrictions due to coronavirus
  • tourist and holiday season in April (high/low/shoulder)
  • entertainment available in April, for example, is it possible to go diving, hiking, swimming in the sea, and relaxing on the beach

Briefly about options for different travel styles for April 2021:

  • where to go for the weekend: Ohrid, Belgrade, Istanbul
  • where to fly for a week or two: Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Albania)
  • beach vacation with kids: Mexico, Maldives, Emirates
  • beach, kitesurfing, diving and remote work: Egypt
  • vacation at the ski/snowboarding resort: Gudauri, Svaneti (Georgia)

Europe in April: cities and nature

Balkans: fly for a weekend or a week?

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Old Town Pochitelj, Bosnia

Out of the options available now, where you can fly to Europe in April, the Balkans is the best destination.

good infrastructure, roads, beautiful nature, delicious cheap food, few tourists

a bit cold for swimming

Trip options:

  1. Go for a weekend and visit one city: Belgrade or Ohrid.
  2. Road trip. Rent a car and arrange a voyage across one or more countries: Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia. Those countries offer numerous interesting small towns, beautiful villages, panoramic roads, and natural beauty.

Advice. Carefully plan your road trip across multiple countries, as when crossing the border, you may need to take a test for covid-19. Attentively read the rules of entry/exit of the countries you are going to visit. At the moment, Serbia accepts visitors from neighboring countries without a PCR test. Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia do not require a test at all. These are only of the few countries in the world, which offer unrestricted entry. The covid-related requirements may change, please look for the most up-to-date information on the government websites.

In April it will be fresh, around +10..+20°С, you can't swim in the sea for a long time. Therefore, in April we prefer the route to explore the areas distant from the coast. We would advise visiting Macedonia and Serbia, which have no access to the the sea, as well as the beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has quite a small coastline.

We would leave the coastal areas for June-October. In this period the water is well warm, and you can combine the car trip with swimming on the different beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

In Belgrade, from 12 to 26 April, a spring festival is held on the embankment of the Sava River. Still, there is a small problem that starting March 15 Serbia has hardened quarantine and closed cafes and restaurants. You will have to order delivery or prepare food by yourself. We will follow the news, maybe the restrictions will be canceled at some point.

It is better to keep Montenegro for the summer and early autumn, because there is still a lot of snow in its beautiful mountains in April, and light hike/trekking is not available. You can either go to a winter-spring style of hike or arrange a ski tour with elements of riding on the grass. However, in the second half of April, you can already raft along the numerous rivers and kayak on the lakes. There is a lot of water, but it is still chilly, after all, May for this activity is better.

It is better to go to Bulgaria for a beach vacation in summer or in the first half of September, for hiking it's fine until October.

Asia in April: outdoor activities, skiing, and hiking

This year we cannot suggest visiting the blooming gardens in Japan and Korea.

First of all, we advise you to see the ruins or go hiking in Jordan, go skiing in Georgia, go trekking, rock climbing, or just travel around the country and do some trekking in Turkey. It is also still not very hot in the Emirates.

Jordan: tours and trekking in the desert

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Wadi Rum (Moon Valley)

Here there are the famous ruins of the ancient city of Petra, the remains of ancient Roman buildings, beautiful mosques, the Dead Sea, several cool canyons.

In April, Jordan is suitable for hiking in the mountains, canyons, and desert offering options from a few hours to multi-day itineraries with overnight camping.

many top-level attractions, beautiful nature

a lot of scams for inexperienced tourists

Georgia: tons of snow at ski resorts

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Gudauri Ski Resort

At the beginning of April, there is still a lot of snow in the ski resorts of Georgia. The days are getting longer. You can ski and ride a snowboard in Gudauri and Svaneti, drink wine and eat khinkali.

Plus, it's already warm in the lowlands. You can combine snow sports vacation with sightseeing and walking around Tbilisi upon arrival/departure. And the temperature there is already around +20°С :). Don't miss a chance to visit ancient towns and monasteries in the springtime!

close, inexpensive, varied vacation

covid test after arrival

Turkey: sightseeing, nature

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Cappadocia Balloons

Turkey is a good vacation destination at any time of the year.

April is the time for hiking in the southern part of the country, the Lycian and Carian trails. Besides, it is fun to see cities such as Istanbul, historical ruins, as well as Cappadocia and the canyons in the north of the country.

For climbing, it will already be essential to choose areas with a shadow at noon.

close, low-priced, varied vacation


America in April: beaches and national parks

In Latin America, Easter is celebrated all week from March 28 to April 3 (Semana Santa - "Holy Week"). At this time, there are frantic festivals in the streets of almost all cities and villages, tequila and pisco will flow like a river. You'll become the witnesses and participants of festive processions with folk costumes, music, and dancing. Try the festive local cuisine.

At least once in your life, you must attend such a holiday!

Important points:

  • mass celebrations may be limited due to the spread of COVID-19;
  • during Semana Santa, the locals are actively traveling, therefore hotels and transport will be more overcrowded than usual, prices will rise, and you need to book everything in advance.

USA: unique nature

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Arches National Park

April is a great time to visit the southern national parks of the United States located in Arizona and Utah. Furthermore, Death Valley offers the perfect condition in the middle of spring, while it's not too hot.

Cities during COVID-19 are probably not worth visiting.

beautiful nature, excellent infrastructure

far and expensive to fly from Europe, strong domestic restrictions due to the pandemic

Mexico in April: holidays with children at the beach

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Akumal Sea Turtle Diving

We included Mexico mainly as an option where to go in April with kids. The seawater on the Yucatan Peninsula is warm enough for a child to enjoy swimming well. There are many theme parks for children near Cancun and Playa del Carmen. There is also entertainment for parents :)

For remote work, in our opinion, Mexico is already too hot in April, but if you love the heat, then why not go.

various recreation, food, nightlife, inexpensive on site

difficult and expensive to get in, unless you live in North America

Ecuador: Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos Iguana

If you want to go to a place where it is always warm and interesting, and the travel budget is not very limited, consider Ecuador.

It is a country with a rich culture, beautiful nature, and delicious local cuisine.

Snow-capped volcanic peaks located almost at the equator, the Amazon jungle, the unique endemic fauna of the Galapagos Islands - all this can be seen in one country in one trip.

However, you need to consider that the seasons in the Galapagos and the mountains of Ecuador do not overlap. You should choose what is more important for you to see in this country. In April, the weather is good on the islands and the coast, but it often rains in the mountains. Rains there even during the dry season are not uncommon, but it will still demand a little more luck during the rainy season to see the snow-capped peaks of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.

beautiful nature, interesting culture, architecture, food, low prices within the country, except for the Galapagos Islands

very far and expensive to fly, unless you are already in South America

Bolivia: mountain climbing, nature

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View from the top of Huayna Potosi (6088 m)

Cities at an altitude of more than 3500 meters, Andes, Lake Titicaca, Uyuni salt flats. Unique natural landscapes, flora, and fauna. Interesting culture.

In April, Bolivia has great opportunities for snow and ice mountaineering and ice climbing. Quick and easy access to the climbing area, low prices for the services of local guides, and equipment rental. Climbing Huayna Potosi (6088 meters) takes only 2-3 days.

A visit to Uyuni is often combined with the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, from where you can then relatively easily get to Santiago and Valparaiso, see these cities, the Pacific coast, drink delicious wine and eat seafood. If Chile opens the borders.


very far and expensive to fly, poor infrastructure, bad roads

Africa in April: budget holidays on the beach


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El Gouna Holidays

An excellent option where to go for a vacation at sea in April, budget-friendly, with or without kids.

Also, Egypt is well suited for mixing remote work with kiting and diving. Ideal locations for this are El Gouna and Dahab.

direct fast flight from Europe and the Middle East, good diving, and kite surfing, inexpensive

the sea can be cold for small children

Safety and insurance

Follow WHO recommendations for personal hygiene during coronavirus pandemic.

Consider purchasing health insurance that has an adequate amount of coverage and is covering COVID-19, as well as trip cancellation and cancellation of flights.

Be sure to check the conditions of entry on the state website of the country, to which you are going or consult an official representative airline or travel company from which you purchase a ticket.

Entry conditions are constantly changing. Most countries require a PCR test taken a certain time before entry.


Despite the quarantine and coronavirus, in April 2021 there are still good options for a weekend trip, a week holiday, and the remote work.

Sunbathe and chill out on the beach: Egypt, Mexico, the UAE, or the Maldives.

Tours in cities or nature: Balkans, Turkey, Georgia, Mexico, US national parks.

Go hiking in April: in Turkey, Jordan, Bolivia, in the south of the United States.

Go skiing and snowboarding before the season ends: Georgia.

Exotic: unique Galapagos, Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.

Only for a vacation with small kids and babies, April is perhaps not the most suitable month, as all the destinations close to Europe are either a bit cold or too far away. Perhaps it is good to postpone it till May or June. If you live in America you are luckier as you can go to Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

Finally, we suggest looking at the ideas of where to go around the world throughout spring and early summer (April, May, June). As usual, you can see a summary of seasons, outdoor activities, climate, plus we have already included a filter by covid-19 for you - the only countries will be shown, in which there are low or moderate restrictions on entry.


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There are interesting options for travel in April 2021. Take care and enjoy traveling!