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where to go when

1. Choose an airport from you usually fly. You can choose several ones. We fetch your nearest airport automatically, but not always can guess.

2. Choose where you would like to travel. The search is very flexible, you can select multiple places: cities, countries, whole continents, or just Anywhere. The less cities are in the list, the faster will be search.

best places to travel

3. Search by date: there are 2 options.

  • Exact dates (for example, from 12 till 20 October 2019). It will show the seasons and climate info for the selected month(s) and airfares for the selected dates.

where to go on holiday when

  • You can select 1-3 whole months and the trip duration. It will show seasons and weather for the selected months and the optimal flights by price and duration.

best holiday destinations

4. Optionally, you can select Activities which you like: beaches, hiking, ski & snowboarding etc.

travel destinations

5. Click on the "Go" button, and we start the info preparation. Be patient, please, we process the huge amounts of data on the go! :)

Search results

Here we show only those countries and places where there is high and shoulder season, and than we sort them by the airfares from low to high.

For example, here we see that the cheapest will be to visit Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas), and that there will be shoulder season there. For each month we show the temperature, precipitation and the number of sunny days + flight price and duration.

places to go on vacation

If you click on Information in the footer, you will see all the explanations.

best travel destinations

You can also filter the results by the temperature, precipitation and the number of sunny days. For example, I would like to choose a warmer and more sunny country.

where to travel

Then, when you click on the price, you will be redirected to the airfares engine KIWI and will be able to buy the air tickets.


Have you got any feedback, questions, suggestions? Or found a bug?

Please click on the feedback button in the right bottom corner.

where to go on holiday